Teaminvest is a private membership organisation for those who wish to educate themselves to manage their wealth wisely rather than paying others to do it badly for them.

How Teaminvest Started

Teaminvest was formed in 2007 by Howard Coleman, Mark Moreland and Prof. John Price. They were successful business owners and self-directed investors who were dismayed with the poor advice and performance of most in the investment industry.

Their idea was simple. They would build a community of experienced and successful business owners and investors. People just like themselves, who would consider investments from the perspective of an owner, not an analyst.

Introducing our Founders

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For over 30 years Mark has started, built and sold companies in the areas of retail, sales, marketing and loyalty programs in Australia and Asia. Mark’s company built the processing infrastructure in Hong Kong for the loyalty aspects of the world acclaimed public transit Octopus Card. He designed, set up and managed 26 credit-card reward programs for banks including ANZ, Westpac, HSBC Hong Kong, and GE Capital.

Currently his private company processes over 4 million MasterCard accounts for programs including Coles and Harvey Norman.

This extensive background gives him a unique hands-on understanding of large areas of the IT and credit industry as well as business in general. In Teaminvest Mark focuses on the sustainability of business models, competitor moats, and technological risks. When not analysing businesses, Mark can be found playing competitive tennis, trekking in Nepal or ice climbing in New Zealand.

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For over 30 years Howard has started and built companies in the areas of consumer finance, education, language and mathematics in Australia, South Africa and the UK. Howard’s extensive business background and experience means that he has the ability to hone in on the strengths and weaknesses of companies. This particularly applies to identifying their future risks, and the ability and strategies of the board and senior management to deal with them. He regularly presents strategic business and financial workshops with a focus on CEOs and senior management of medium sized companies. Howard is a graduate of the Harvard Owner/President Management Program and completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ program for company directors. He is a director of a number of companies and has won many business awards including the prestigious “Speaker of The Year Award” from The Executive Connection.
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John started his 40 year career as a research mathematician with positions in major universities around the world.


After publishing two books and over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals in mathematics, physics, and finance, John set a research objective to understand the best investment methods of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Burr Williams, Peter Lynch and other leading investors.

He personally programmed, tested, and compared over 30 different stock valuation methods in his search for the best of the best. This led to the development of Conscious Investor®, which his company sold around the world since 2000 and which is now part of Teaminvest.

It also provided the background and research for his acclaimed book The Conscious Investor and the establishment of the Conscious Investor® Fund. To balance and help focus his number crunching, John swims in the surf all year round and practises Transcendental Meditation®.

Experienced, Successful, No-nonsense Investors
Business, Professional And Life Experience
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What is Teaminvest?

Teaminvest is a collaborative think tank of over 400 experienced, successful, no-nonsense investors, who practice a proven investment strategy based on the uber successful Warren Buffett.

Collectively our members have over 10,000 years of business, professional and life experience on which to draw knowledge and guide decisions.

The objective: High Returns with lower investment risk.

What is Conscious Investor?

Our proprietary software, Conscious Investor® , identifies the best companies based on financial metrics championed by Warren Buffett and years of research by Prof John Price when he was head of the double degree Math and Finance at Uni NSW.

Since January 2001, Teaminvest’s Conscious Investor® software – using its default settings – has achieved an average annual total shareholder return of 19.1%. This means $100,000 invested in January 2001, would now be $1,277,381 with dividends reinvested – excluding tax and brokerage costs.

What is the Teaminvest approach to choosing companies that are “Wealth Winners™”?

Our unique approach to identify the companies to invest in is a process of ‘exclusion’. We work hard to ‘fail’ companies and only get interested when we can’t find a reason to reject. Only then do we consider ‘price’.

The value of the Teaminvest network is invaluable, at all steps in our processes we focus on anticipating problems before they arise. It all contributes to avoiding losers – we call Capital Killers™. On occasions these insights have enabled members to exit positions before the general market was aware there was a problem.

Investment Skill Time

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Who is Teaminvest For?

Potential members are approved and invited to join based on their experience, their willingness to contribute when they can and their investment mindset. We are not interested in those looking to get rich quick or to speculate on market price movements. We welcome members with the following attributes:

Who are members of Teaminvest?

Members come from all walks of life; most are at an age where they are focussed on capital preservation. Having said that, they expect healthy above market average returns on their investments. Maintaining a quality lifestyle in retirement for a hopefully long retirement is paramount.

We have lots of current and retired CEO’s of listed and private companies from all areas of business. With over 400 members their relationships, experience and contacts penetrate virtually all companies we invest in.

How often do we buy and sell shares?

Members typically invest on a rolling 5-year outlook. Whilst we hope not to sell within 5 years all companies are under continual surveillance and monitoring by members and the group. Things change, management can do dumb things, disruptive business models may appear, tail winds can change to head winds. But we hope to allow time and the power of compounding to do the work for us.

What are members saying about Teaminvest?

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